Welcome to LungsUSA.com. We are the foremost authority on lungs and keeping healthy.We want to use this site to educate you on the latest phenomenon sweeping America: e-cigarettes. While the surgeon generals warning about the health issues cigarette smokers face has been around for years, millions of Americans still continue to smoke tobacco cigarettes. Millions more have tried various remedies and “quick fixes” to be successful in their quest for smoking cessation. We would like to recommend an alternative: e-cigs. They are relatively new to the market. An e-cig is (usually) a plastic or metal cylindrical container that houses an electronic device powered by a battery. This device heats up a liquid cartridge the user puts inside. The cartridge is a mixture of water, nicotine and various flavors. When the water heats up, it turns into a vapor which the user then inhales and it rapidly and efficiently delivers a dosage of nicotine into the users system. The benefits are many: less chemicals than tobacco cigarettes, much cheaper cost and a plethora of flavors and e-cig devices to choose from. Such companies as V2cigs have been around since the beginning. The main reason why millions of people buy from V2cigs is that they offer various promos and discounts which can be used to save money. Such sites like Zip2Save list the various working coupons for V2 cigs. These savings are sometimes substantial and various coupons such as 20 off can be found online.

E-cigarettes have not been proven to be completely safe, but when compared to smoking tobacco leaves, it seems like a “safer” alternative. Another benefit is that the water vapor that you exhale does not stink up your clothes, stain the walls of your house and upholstery of your car and cause a general nuisance as tobacco smoke does. The FDA is going to be legislating them in the coming years and this is ultimately a good thing. It will provide regulation and rules for manufactures to follow, with the intent of public health and safety at the forefront. These regulations will force some of the smaller, more unethical manufacturers to close up shop and only those companies who can comply with the new laws and rules will be left.

Ultimately, inhaling anything (be it smoke or water vapor) is not safe for long term use. The human lung was not meant to inhale irritants, smoke and water. But if you find yourself hopelessly addicted to nicotine, and have already tried the cigarette patches, the “stop smoking pill” (Chantix or Wellbutrin) and even going cold turkey then perhaps you should look into the latest craze that is sweeping American smokers by storm.


Here is a video that explains in further detail about e-cigs and their effects upon the human lungs.


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